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Dear Ahem004. Since you wrote status updates for me, I think it's only fair of me to respond. I don't know what you mean about that "making your leaving easier", the only thing that made it "easier" for me to at least accept it, is that you're right. There's no fulfillment. Not since you took away a lot of the things that I really enjoy doing or want in a close friend. AKA affection, rp, games and now even the love. You don't love me like you used to. At least, that's basically the conclusion we came to, last time we talked. Idk. Did you change your mind again? Why do you always change your mind? *sighs* I want you to consider this: If you are thinking about coming back...Did you mean what you said? That there's no point in being soft and cute with me, like you used to? That it's never going to be like that again? That you don't love me? If you meant it, and you still do stand by it, then don't bother coming back. Those things are important to me, and that night, you took away all my hopes about you and me. If a hug doesn't make you happy, then it doesn't make me happy either.
See, we can make you win that bet easily...I've already started added break up songs to my list and I've removed those songs that reminded me of you...and I've cried my eyes out and will probably continue doing it for a while longer. I hate doing this.
But if you now no longer love or want to be affectionate with me, then this is my goodbye. I wish nothing but the best for you. I'm not mad at you...I don't hate you.
I hope you live a happy life.

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The End
  • Listening to: The story of us - Taylor Swift
If only there were enough words to express how I felt and how much you mean to me,
but this love goes beyond words, because I've tried telling you over and over again and
you might think that you get it, you know it...and maybe you do... But darling I can't stop wanting to tell you
how you're just too damn important and this feeling, it comes and goes but I always go back to feeling soft for you
and I know that you know that I'm scared I'll lose you and that all my words will have been in vain,
because they'll fade away as soon as we do, so what does it matter?
Agh! But I'm going to appreciate the hell out of you until I can no longer stand it!
So say what you will, do what you want, but nothing can stop that, it's going to happen.
I'll be there until I can't anymore.
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Because I desperately want to move.…
You can read more about why on there.
I said to some spammer on here that nobody cared about his bad edits and all of a sudden he is sending accounts after me to spam me. He even made a freaking wanted poster XD WOOOOOOOW
So I am thinking about selling the Mask plush I made. It's not that great...but if you're interested leave a comment with the amount of money you're willing to pay. I am actually not sure about the shipping yet either...
Here's pictures of the plush: The Mask Plushie by Lolinondoda
Aka Linda rants on about how she thinks the world should be for 24 minutes with stupid jokes
Look, I know a lot of people like my art works with The Mask in them, but he isn't my main focus anymore. I wanted to broaden my horizons as an artist so don't expect to see as much of him anymore. Right now my main focus is making comics with myself, Meow and Azrael. The Mask might show up occasionally, yes. But I want to focus on other characters for a change.
I'm glad people love my Mask pictures, but I am tired of being seen only as a "Mask-artist". It's not who I am anymore. I'm a comic creator, I'm a goofy girl with silly humor. I am me. Someone who is kind of bored of drawing the same thing over and over again. My taste has changed, so there it is.
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1. Post these rules. 
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters. 
4. Post their names along with the creator's avatars.



1. Azrael was created because I needed someone to be my "cheer up-team captain" like Bowling for soup was talking about. Telling me "it's perfectly fine to be a happy individual"...well, at least I liked the idea of that.

2. Azrael's name was inspired by Asriel from Undertale, but I didn't want to copy it straight off. Azrael fits him better anyway. (even though that's also kinda taken from Gargamels cat. o3o)

3. He loves shiny and sweet things.

4. He probably has an older brother.

5. He can be kinda hyper and emotional.

6. He is easily distracted.

7. I kinda have a voice in my head for Azrael which kinda reminds me of Meliodas' ([link]) but a sligtly bit darker and a liiiittle different. Then again, it's kinda like Adriens voice too, but still a little different...([link])

8. Azrael is asexual and innocent.


I tag anyone who feels like doing this.
this is sudden but


Tra la la Tri li li Tre le le

() Not my video.
I have barely, if ever made a request in my life on dA.
But it would be fun if someone would draw Azrael or me in some other "style" than my own
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There will be a Tangled TV series and a Big Hero 6 TV series? Wowie!
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It's nice that a lot of snow finally came. Unfortunately I have a hard time being happy because I feel abandoned again. I always think I can trust people...I still believe that he might come back but...he just might not. The guy I met this fall, who made me smile a lot, you know? He disappeared after pushing me away. No words. Just ignores me now. I don't know if it's the end.

But! The Mask comes to visit in my dreams! I have seen him twice now since fall! Kellaway too! He is one of few fictional characters who does that. Others I haven't seen in years. But The Mask just never seems to leave me, really. We're actual friends.
In this dream The Mask and a few other people were tricked into dancing ballet. xd
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I try drawing, watching youtube videos...nothing is fun anymore. I would play a game but my computer doesn't have enough RAM! Ugh! I hate this. I'm going to bed.
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Tell me, what will The Mask be dressed up as for Halloween this year?
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